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First used Chip Windle in the year 2000 (July). I was involved in a rear-end collision. Got hurt pretty good. Was having trouble with the insurance company getting claims adjusted and settled and medical bills getting paid. I turned it over to Chip, and he took care of everything! I didn’t have to do anything. I stayed home and recuperated. He handled all the affairs and was very prompt. Always kept in touch. I knew everything that was going on. You just can’t get a better person to represent you than Chip. I highly recommend him

Wayne Ivy

Involved in Car Accident, Rear End Collision

I have met Mr. Windle through a Workers Comp case. I had no representation. H took the case over. He dealt with every situation that arose. He is very professional and very friendly. I am very happy with the service he has provided. If I ever need further assistance with an attorney, it would be Mr. Windle and his office. Very professional. Very friendly. They go out of their way to do anything possible to help you. It’s been a pleasure and honor doing business with Mr. Windle.

Larry Surrette

Workman's Comp. Case

I met Chip in 2001. My husband was in a very bad car accident. He was hit head-on by a 19 year old. He was on the job at the Loudon County Sheriff Department. 3 days after he was in the hospital, I didn’t know which way to turn, so I turned to Chip. He came straight to the hospital. I put everything in his hands, because I knew I couldn’t deal with everything that was going on or how we could survive. To this day, to 2011, he is still my friend. I can still call him and he will still be there. I couldn’t tell you how much more I appreciate him. He is my very good friend. He helped us make it through the times we went through. If you find yourself in the situation I’ve been in, I promise you, the trust is there. You can trust him. And that’s what I look for in an attorney. I don’t think I can find anyone like him. He’s done nothing but help my life. Please call him.

Linda Hamilton

Car Accident

Back in 2006, I had a little accident on my job. I needed an attorney who could get my Workman’s Comp straightened out for me. I called Mr. Chip Windle. I had never used an attorney before, and it’s kind of a scary situation, but he made me feel right at home and got my Workman’s Comp straightened out and got me back home out of the hospital right away. He did a good job and made me feel comfortable. He was a friend to me as well as my attorney. I advise anybody, if you need an attorney, or Workman’s Comp, call Chip Windle, and he’ll do a good job for you!

John Scott

Accident on the Job / Workman's Comp. Case

I met Chip about 2 years ago in a networking circle that I was in. I was recently in a moderately severe car accident. I had been in a few wrecks in the past and tried to deal with the insurance companies myself and got taken advantage of several times and felt like I didn’t get what I was owed from the severity of the accidents. I did some research in the Knoxville area, talked to a few of my contacts in the industry, and Chip came highly recommended as an attorney to talk to about my accident. I called him within a few days of finding out about Chip.  We met immediately. The car I wrecked at that time was a truck that I had spent several years customizing. I had a large financial investment in it. I was going to be showing the vehicle. I had a check to recoup all the losses from the customizing the truck in less than 2 weeks, I had all my money back on the truck, and Chip was working on the actual settlement from the injury side of it. Chip recommended doctors, he got all the paperwork put together, he dealt with all the insurance agents in both sides on the insurance companies for myself and the person who hit me. I absolutely had to do nothing as far as the accident was concerned. This was a big deal for me working as much as I do and having a new family. Having Chip there to answer the phone from the insurance companies and do all the paperwork. He even got all the paperwork from the doctors, I didn’t have to get that myself. He kept up with all the physical therapy and doctors’ appointments. For me, that’s the big benefit of working with Chip: he does all of it! He follows up with you weekly on status information from the insurance companies and where you are in the settlement. I highly, highly recommend Chip: you’ll be able to continue living your life but get what you’re owed from being in a serious car accident. Chip will bear that burden himself and get what you’re owed for you.

Adam Hutsell

Car Accident

My name is Henry Cannon and Perry Windle is my lawyer, and thanks to him, I’m a lot further along than I would have been. I got hurt, and it was back in July. It wasn’t until September that I contacted him. I had contacted several other lawyers who gave me the runaround. He’s one of the few individuals that actually came to where I lived to go over what was happening to me and have me fill out release forms. No other firm would do that. Not only that, he followed up. He’s kept me in the loop with the progress. My sister is the one that suggested I contacted a lawyer because she said I should get paid since this is a workers’ comp case. I put it off, then finally called. When I got ahold of him, I was impressed he got ahold of me as quickly as he did. He answered all my questions. He’s representing me at this time. Out of all the law firms in Knoxville, I think he’s pretty premier because he says what he does and does what he says. Most companies I’ve talked to put me through changes to do what he’s done naturally and easily for me. He was the one that got ahold of my case manager because I didn’t know how long it would be before I would get any residual money because I had been out of work since July. He just said, just let him do his job, and let me know the progress, which he has done! I have been getting checks weekly; not much, but it’s better than the nothing I was getting prior to getting ahold of Mr. Windle. He’s been very instrumental in guiding me in the areas I need to go to to make sure he’s got my case manager, he goes to all my appointments, I follow up with him, he follows up with me. I call it a perfect circle. I’m getting ready to have an operation and sincerely hope that to this juncture Mr. Windle is very instrumental in orchestrating everything that has happened as far as my MRIs, CAT scans, keeping up with my case manager on my forward progress. I couldn’t ask for a better individual with his experience and knowledge to generate the positive flow of things the way he has to this juncture. Bar none, I’m very, very impressed with him. I’ve had a couple friends of mine who gave me his name awhile back when I had some other legal happenings, and I did not contact him until recently. I appreciate him taking his time; I didn’t know what kind of busy schedule he had, but he took time out to take care of me personally, which you don’t find in this day and age. He is one of the individuals who I put an A+ by his name.

Henry Cannon

Workman's Comp Case

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